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   Newsletter N°13 Special Morocco with KTI Voyages      

CasablancaLet’s discuss Morocco again.
The first MICE groups came 40 years ago and Morocco has ever since become a major destination for business tourism. Indeed, we all have the feeling we well know the country. And yet, Morocco is as attractive as ever for its visitors.
Morocco culture, History, landscape, weather, traditions and modernity, housing facilities, and  service providers’ professionalism all play a role for an event to be successful. 
And though Marrakech remains the major destination, highlighted by new places to discover and new activities to do, you can consider many other cities, towns, and regions that shall marvel you


 Rabat, a secret destination

Chellah RabatRabat, an intimate destination for a VIP incentive

Rabat, one of Morocco imperial cities, is often part of the usual tours of the imperial cities, but is too rarely a destination in its own right. Today, it remains a rather unknown destination in the country, probably due to people’s lack of knowledge.
Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, plays its role of administrative capital to its full extent, leaving to Casablanca (located a hundred kilometers away from Rabat) the role of economic capital, which gives to the city of Rabat a more relaxing, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.
Rabat, modern capital and historic city was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List in June 2012!


Palace Hôtel La Tour Hassan
 A top-quality hotel in Rabat

HallAn exceptional place in Rabat, the Palaces & Traditions Hotel La Tour Hassan

This is a premium place in Rabat. This mythical five-star hotel that celebrates this year its hundred anniversary is a real gem of Rabat’s past. It is a former Pasha’s palace that has succeeded in combining the requirements of modern comfort and technology while preserving its hundred-year-old architecture and lifestyle.
The building is a synthesis of the Arab-Andalusian architecture, with majestic inside spaces and a decor in which each delicately chiseled detail emphasizes the refinement of the Moroccan craftsmanship and the history of the place.
The rooms and suites have been completely transformed with a resolutely contemporary touch and


 KTI Voyages, a choice DMC

KTI VoyagesKTI Voyages, the Destination Management Company selected for you in Morocco
The three initials of KTI mean Kasbah Tours International, based on Morocco most specific housing, namely its famous age-old Kasbahs, majestic and impressive adobe buildings that can be admired alongside the roads of Southern Morocco
KTI Voyages is a Moroccan Destination Management Company (DMC) located in Casablanca but it can be found in the whole kingdom with agencies in Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Agadir, Rabat and Tangier.


Berbère Palace
 At the edge of the desert...

FaçadeA palace at the edge of the desert, The Berber Palace in Ouarzazate
If you wish to set up outdoor incentives or events, to break up from today’s lifestyle, while keeping some comfort, we have got the perfect place: hotel Berbere Palace in Ouarzazate, at the edge of the desert.
Hotel Berbere Palace offers a perfect starting point to discover the Southern region of Morocco and to organise many activities: a sports challenge in sand dunes, in the Flint oasis or in the gorges of Dades and Todra, an adventure circuit on the road of the thousands Kasbahs, a treasure hunt in the mythical site of Ait ben Addou’s Kasbah (where The Sheltering Sky and many other movies were shot).


 The Art of Beautiful Items

Iron ChestAn incentive with a little extra in Morocco: the art of beautiful objects
Objects play a decisive role in the chance of success of an incentive or any other business event. Indeed, whether it is the small customized gift with which every participant goes back home, happy to keep a souvenir from the incentive, or simply an object of recognition selected for the group during an event based on a theme (cap, scarf, t-shirt for example), the research, selection and production stages are often difficult to deal with when setting up an incentive.
In Morocco, the issue of finding the right object gave rise to a real differentiation, because there is a wide range of possibilities.
First of all, the differentiation is made possible thanks to a rich Moroccan craftsmanship, which encompasses all fine arts (weaving, pottery, tableware, jewellery, leather work etc.), and which is in constant evolution, relying on age-old know-how while adapting to new trends and modern uses. It is


 A flavorsome cuisine

SpicesA Tasty and Savory Cuisine
The Cuisine of a country is a lot similar to it.
It always reflects its culture, the best aspects of its regions, its weather, the subtlety of its inhabitants as well as the several influences gained in the past.
The Moroccan Cuisine is just like its country: hot, generous, colored, perfumed, and subtle… It is known as one of the best cuisines in the world, as one of the most refined and diversified.
But would the Moroccan Cuisine be without spice?
This little something that creates an exceptional and unique cuisine made of other countries flavors,


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