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 Sports and Nature in Morocco

Atlas 4WDSports and Nature in Morocco
With 3,530km of coasts, Atlas mountains culminating at 4,167m, one of the world’s most beautiful desert, a huge number of oasis, dozens thousands kilometers of roads and paths, sources, rivers, wadis as well as waterfalls; Morocco offers a large range of options if you want to add sports to one of your group programs.
Real specialist, all of them trained and competent, will help you amaze your clients with strong emotions in a breathtaking landscape and with a high security level.
One immediately thinks of camel riding in the desert, hiking, and motorsports such as quad biking


 Choosing the perfect housing

AtlasFor most of people the success of an incentive is strongly linked to choosing a good housing.
Morocco has numerous mythical hotels such as La Mamounia in Marrakech, Le Palais Jamai in Fez, and la Tour Hassan in Rabat as well as modern and comfortable luxury 4 and 5-star hotels in all incentive destinations and big cities. Many hotels have chosen a more specific positioning or smartly combine one with another:
- Congress and seminar hotels such as hotel Mansour Eddahbi and the Palmeraie Golf Palace in Marrakech
- Boutiques hotels such as les Jardins de la Koutoubia in Marrakech
- Resorts with animations and entertainment such as Mazagan Beach Resort in El Jadida (45 minutes from Casablanca)


Palace Hotel La Tour Hassan
 Incentive Ideas in Morocco

RosesIncentive Ideas in Morocco: sharing with local people
Clients always ask for more original ideas of incentives; they talk about sharing moments of life, emotions, and experiences with local people for a unique and very intimate event.
For that purpose, Morocco definitively is the perfect destination. Indeed, in all its regions it offers rich and varied ancestral heritage (natural, cultural, and material) that are still alive thanks to a population who transmits ancient jobs, know-how, and traditions from generation to generation. Farming process, unique local customs, and handcraft works full of history and anecdotes…. Everything can be shared for those with a sharing and open mind.
Beyond a folkloric show, it also is a real human experience that KTI Voyages teams, a quality DMC specializing in tailor-made events in Morocco, will offer you: original incentive ideas with regard to sustainable development. Farewell to traditional shows and visits as spectators! Among all the events KTI Voyages can offer and set up for MICE clients, here is an interesting example:
- Picking flowers in the Dades Valley (Kelaat Mgouna’s specific product), for groups up to 50 or 60 pax: From Ouarzazate and in small groups, we set up Rosa Damascena picking with local producers, for whom the rose culture remains the major part of their income. The picking period lasts between 3 and 5 weeks, around May. The freshly picked roses are then used for rose water and rose oil. The idea is to have your clients participate in this traditional and local event of Ouarzazate surroundings through a real contact with local people; to have them pick roses with the local and to spend half a day or a full day not as a spectator but as an actor of the event.


KTI Voyages, a choice DMC
 Developing Tourist Areas

SaďdaNew tourist development areas in Morocco
Morocco has selected three priority lines for its future development strategy:
- Preserve its values, traditions, and cultural identity
- Protect the environment and natural resources
- Ensure a cultural and social development
Regarding these conditions, several areas are currently booming and can be a good opportunity for


 State-of-the-art facilities

ONCFMorocco, easy access and top-range facilities
Morocco has widely involved in the development of its facilities for years; new buildings, services, and transports are being improved, distances between the biggest cities are being reduced, hotels are being renovated, and congress centers are being equipped with the latest technologies.
The country offers 15 airports as well as a large growing and always-safer highway network, and a new high-speed train line is currently being built. It should first link Tangier to Casablanca in 1h30 by the end of 2015. Moreover, two additional lines are planned over a second time: an Atlantic line with stops at Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakech, Essaouira, and Agadir stations; and a Maghrebi line


Berbčre Palace
 Arts and Culture in Morocco

Fantasia in EssaouiraArts and Culture, Animation made in Morocco
Red carpet and mounting of the steps always go with festival openings. 
They also do in Morocco… For a few years, the country has been positioning itself and highlighting its arts and cultural heritages with festivals, that have become famous. Then why don’t you take advantage of these exceptional events and add one to your incentive, seminar, and convention program?
To cite only a few:


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