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 EUROMIC is turning 40

EUROMICEUROMIC celebrates its 40th anniversary!
In January 1973, 10 Destination Management Companies founded EUROMIC, a non-profit marketing association, in order to promote Europe as a meeting destination on the North American market.
With one DMC per country, rigorously selected for its efficiency, professionalism, originality, and quality, the first group of DMC was immediately a success.


Terres des Hommes
 Terres des Hommes in Morocco

Destination EvasionIncentive Idea: Terres des Hommes by Destination Evasion, a new way of travelling
One can buy a journey, plan it, and bargain it, especially on the MICE market where it is a market value, a service sold to clients for a limited period of time, with one or more providers who themselves sell other services: hotel rooms, meals, shows, car renting, sports activities, etc.
Terres des Hommes by Destination Evasion offers a new way of travelling and put the local populations at the heart of the journey. The main goal is not anymore just about visiting a new country, admiring beautiful landscapes, and discovering a new gastronomy but also is about being immersed in another culture, sharing a moment of the locals’ lives. It can be a meal, an initiation to traditional music or dance, cooking, discovering regional crafts or saffron culture, and unveiling the Moroccans beauty secrets, etc.; moments during which authenticity and originality are combined to


 Radisson Experience Meetings

Cannes 1835Seminar Idea: Brain Food, Brain Box, and Experience Meetingsdoes it mean something for you?
You are familiar with the routine: a meeting or a seminar, co-workers gathered around a table for an exhausting day of brainstorming that requires a high level of concentration, reactivity, efficiency, etc.  To ensure the productivity of your colleagues throughout the day, Radisson Blu presents you its new concept: Experience Meetings.
Experience Meetings is the name given to the combination of two ideas: Brain Box and Brain Food.
Based on the observation that being creative while in a meeting isn’t as easy as we wish, and that the atmosphere of a room can lead to the success or failure of an event, Radisson Blu has created a special room “Brain Box”. It was designed as the perfect workplace to stimulate creativity and is furbished with unusual and flexible furniture so that the room can easily be transformed from a conventional meeting room into a break-out room with walls you can write on, colors that spark your brain, and the perfect ambiance for your co-workers to express their creativity and innovative ideas.
Experience Meetings second idea stems from the observation that the concentration and productivity of seminar participants vary throughout the day, with a strong decrease after lunch. You must have already felt the “post business lunch numbness”, when you think you ate too much, that your meal was too heavy or with too much wine; and then when you are back in the meeting room and can’t concentrate because you are desperately fighting your closing eyelids… That is when


 Winter in Swedish Lapland

Aurora BorealisIncentive Idea: Experience winter in Swedish Lapland
It’s wintertime, it’s cold, night comes (much too) early, we think that spring will never come, that we would love to hibernate until Easter, etc. You know what I mean? What we usually forget is that the season can be the perfect time to set up an incentive; you just have to choose your destination well.
MICEFINDER takes you to Swedish Lapland, in the heart of the Scandinavian winter, for an unusual dream incentive. Let your clients experience a magical atmosphere: hot air ballooning above a frozen landscape, reindeer or dog sledding, snowmobile driving, cross-country skiing, etc. are the type of activities to enjoy during the few daylight hours of the long winter days.
And when comes the night other incredible activities are to be expected. Set up a diner in a tent planted on a frozen lake and surrounded by dozens of candles, offer your guests a night in an ephemeral hotel built of snow or in an igloo they built themselves during the day, watch aurora borealis in glass-roofed hotel rooms, taste a new gastronomy, and discover local traditions.


 Where to hail a cab

Taxi NYCWhere to hail a cab?
As in 2011, released its ranking of the world’s top cities to hail a cab. Where is it best to hail a taxi? Where can you take a cab with no stress for your business trips? In what city is it an assault course? MICEFINDER uncovers the results.
With no surprise, London and the famous black cabs ranks first for the fifth consecutive year in the categories of Cleanliness, Knowledge of the Area, Quality of Driving, Friendliness and Safety. It is followed by New York for the Best Availability then by Tokyo, Shanghai, and more surprising Bangkok.


MICE PLACE Mediterranean - MICE & Business Tourism Event – South of France and Mediterranean Countries
 MICE Agenda

IMTM, 05 – 06 February 2013
19th International Mediterranean Tourism Market
Israel, Tel Aviv

Salon Bedouk, 06 – 07 February 2013
France, Paris

MICE PLACE Mediterranean, 14 – 15 February 2013
MICE & Business T18:13ourism Event – South of France and Mediterranean Countries
France, Marseille

AIME, 26 – 27 February 2013
Australia, Melbourne

MARCH 2013
ITB, 06 – 10 March 2013
Germany, Berlin

FIT Bolivia, 14 – 16 March 2013
Feria Internacional de Turismo
Bolivia, Cochabamba

Moscow International MICE Forum, 18 March 2013
Russia, Moscow


- Bahamas
- Barbados
- Belgium
- Bermuda
- Germany


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