Newsletter N°8 Ecology, Tourism, and Incentive      
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    Do you know the locavore trend?
    After vegetarianism, veganism, and organic cuisine, here is the new trend already followed by thousands of people in the world: locavore food. This way to eat is not new but was brought back into fashion a few years ago by Americans who were shocked by the distances between the production place of food and their plates.


    •  Ecotourism in a few words

    Ecotourism in a few words
    Several forms of ecotourism are developing in the world. Thus you have sustainable tourism, or responsible tourism, which sets up trips that respect the environment. They also reduce the ecological footprint of the trip and the impact on local populations.
    Fair-trade tourism also respects ...


    •  Travel, visit, and protect

    Conserving the environment with tourism: it is possible
    Among all the destinations in South America, MICEFINDER has selected some initiatives that aim to reduce the footprint of mass and MICE tourisms. They are great examples of cohabitation of tourism and ecology.
    And what if tourism was better controlled in order to reduce the impact...


    •  EU Ecolabel

    European flag 
    EU Ecolabel: A European Union guarantee for the environment
    The EU Ecolabel is a European label created in 1992 for products and services that are kinder to the environment and respect very strict rules. It has the shape of a flower, the petals of which being twelve stars like the twel...


    •  Green Meetings Kimpton

    Kimpton logo 
    Kimpton Green Meetings 
    Some behaviors can have a great impact. That is what the teams of the Kimpton American hotels think. They offer an ecofriendly program for the setting up of meetings in their hotels: Kimpton EarthCare Program.
    It aims to comb...


    •  EcoResort Tivoli in Brazil

    EcoResort Tivoli Praia do Forte 
    EcoResort Tivoli Praia do Forte: an ecoresponsible hotel in the heart of Brazil
    EcoResort Tivoli of Praia do Forte was built with materials that respect the Brazilian ecosystem and is perfectly integrated in its environment. The hotel has proved that tourism was not always linke...


    •  Heated with olive stones

    Olive pits 
    The hotel with an olive pits heating
    In Spain, Hotel Spa Sierra de Cazorla, a four star-hotel located in the heart of Andalucía Natural Park, has the particularity to have an olive pit heating.
    It is not a joke. In a way to respect the environment and...


    •  Carbon compensation

    Plane on the beach 
    Think of Carbon Compensation!
    Ecotourism is a trend that consists in reducing the impact of tourism on the environment by adopting ecoresponsible behaviors. Hotels must get new systems to get electricity and use "cleaner" resources.
    These behaviors also apply for business tourism. Many "Green" hotels and tour operat...


    •  MICE Agenda

    IT&CMA, October 2nd – October 6th, 2011
    Incentive Travel & Convention, Meeting Asia
    Thailand, Bangkok – Bangkok Convention Center
    Evento Fácil Meeting, October 4th, 2011
    Brazil, Sao Paulo - Centro de Convençoes Frei Caneca

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